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Behold the mighty Xtruppaw, a musical phenomenon sprouting forth from the sun-soaked soils of Malta, like a mischievous tomato plant that grew more than anyone bargained for. These lads, with a musical palette as diverse as a carnival buffet, cook up a wild stew of genres, including punk-rock, ska, 80’s hair metal, 70’s disco, reggae, and a sprinkle of traditional Maltese għana into their cauldron of cacophony. Their songs, as Maltese as a grease-stained bag of pastizzi, poke fun at the island’s quirks with a raw and irreverent edge.

Formed in 2005 after a beach BBQ brainstorm, Xtruppaw’s “official” status arose from a Festahwid 6 festival whim that birthed two songs. The crowd went bananas, and the rest is history. Their debut album, ‘Is-CD ta’ l-iXtruppaw,’ dropped in 2006, earning them a fanatical following. Live shows turned into riotous spectacles, complete with costumes and the occasional pyrotechnic surprise.

In 2013, ‘Xtruppożitorju’ hit the airwaves, unleashing a live performance frenzy. Now, with rare sightings akin to spotting a unicorn, their last escapade was in 2019 at the Earth Garden festival. Watch out for these Maltese melodiers – musical mischief at its finest!