Trauma healing in loving presence

Trauma healing in loving presence

Trauma healing in loving presence


by Lyonne Sundari

Saturday 1st June – 16.30 – 17.30hrs

Lyonne Sundari meets you in a Loving Presence setting, guiding you with a talk and meditation, combining spirituality, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Trauma is the result of an event that is experienced by us as ‘too much’, ‘too fast’, or in some way overwhelming. It affects our nervous system and often manifests through bodily symptoms. It limits our perception and behaviour in the world around us. Healing requires that the emotional and physiological charge that is inherent in the response to the traumatic event is slowly and step-by-step integrated by the body-mind, so it can become part of the normal life flow. The work of trauma healing leads to a deep relaxation, a subtle awareness of the needs of our body and mind, and a strengthening of our ability to respond to life rather than being forced into an unconscious reaction.

Lyonne is a Fully Realised Teacher. Founder of Goddess Essence, teaches about The Path of the Heart, Presence, Non Duality, Yoga, Taoist practice, Tantric Arts and an advance therapist in healing energetics. She shares her knowledge  through one-on-one sessions, weekly classes, workshops, courses and retreats across the world.

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