The Body Code

The Body Code

The Body Code

by Corinna Trione

Saturday – 10.00 – 11.00hrs

We need to change the conversation about what healthy eating looks like.

In a world of compulsive dieting and food restrictions, the only detox we really need is from the mainstream food system. A system that does NOT take into consideration one important fact: healthy eating is not an action that concerns only food.

Healthy eating is actually the by-product of being at peace with our life, with our body, with ourselves. It’s very much related to our emotional state of being; it’s entangled with our lifestyle; it’s a reflection of our mental and physical health, not the cause of it. The Body Code shows you how to connect these dots, how to listen to your body; especially for those who have gotten lost in the world of dieting.

This workshop is meant to give you a real taste of what The Body Code is. A therapeutic approach to food that aims to bring us back into the body. An intimate discovery of how our emotions are deeply linked to our eating habits. A step towards changing these habits, the perception we have of our body, and the feelings we have towards food (guilt, shame, loss of control, fear, etc).

The saying, “food is your medicine” means nothing, unless we recognise that suppressed emotions, unexpressed boundaries and unseen wounds, no matter if present or past, play a role in the way we relate to food. Our eating habits and behaviours offer us a reflection of what is going on in our life. And by observing, listening to and acknowledging them, we can identify and rewire patterns, to then transform and rebirth a new relationship with life, with our body and with ourselves.

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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