Sustainable Harmony

Sustainable Harmony

Sustainable Harmony


by Annika and Pia

Saturday – 09.00 – 10.00hrs

How can we build a more altruistic cooperative society to combat climate change and protect the rights of all life forms, present and future?

Climate change is considered to be one of the greatest threats to our planet undermining our human rights to food, shelter, water, health and ultimately life of those most vulnerable. Is one of the answers to reversing the crisis contained within the rights themselves? The original intention behind their inception was the recognition of the value of a person, to allow individuals to fulfill their deepest aspirations and personal freedoms whilst respecting those of others and the planet .

Over the years we have seen a trend where these rights have been used to self-serve, to facilitate greed, denying individual responsibility to the whole. How can we reverse this trend? As weather patterns are changing, forests are burning, the mass extinction of species is happening at an accelerated rate, can we continue to deny our individual responsibility to the whole – our fate is intimately connected to that of our communities and planet. So, how can we build a more altruistic cooperative society to combat climate change and protect the rights of all living beings, present and future?

This guiding question will take us through a series of interactive activities designed to get us thinking towards living in sustainable harmony.

Annika is guided by her deep curiosity for the diverse belief and value systems that define our realities, and the stories we tell of ourselves and the world.

In the last few years she has played various roles in purpose driven projects, collaborating alongside some of the most inspiring individuals. She found her passion in non-formal education and restorative practices – tools she uses both for introspection and reflection, as well as combined to cultivate supportive, inclusive and engaging spaces. Spaces to connect from an authentic place, learn and grow. And spaces that can be springboards to respond creatively to the pressing issues of our time.

Pia is an educator, facilitator, a Positive Psychology practitioner, an activist and a mum.
After many years working in the fields of TV, marketing and project management she shifted her focus to her personal passion of Positive Psychology and working with others to cultivate their strengths in order to thrive and lead a meaningful life. In the last few years, Pia has worked on combining her people’s skills, training and facilitation knowledge and her creative streak to create programmes that are relevant, fun and have impactful results. Pia has a love of learning and a curiosity that is constantly pushing her to explore new research, tools to cultivate positive personal growth and apply these evidence based interventions to coaching, organisations and education.

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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