by Catarina, Kevin & Don

Saturday 1st June – 16.30 – 17.30hrs.

A Journey into connection – Me, Us, We.

Sublimewe is a framework developed through years of peer experiential learning, involving diverse frameworks, such as Non-Violent Communication. Through the use of a designed instrument, drL (Deep Reflexive Lifestyles), composed with a set of tools, we journey in a safe space into an experience that will change our lives: Aware Expression (speech & action); Active & Reflective listening; Emotional & Trauma Release; Conflict Resolution; Deeper connection with self, others & life; Tune into your truth. “YOU-ME, THAT AND I. ALL OF IT MATTERS”

Sublimewe is shared all around the world from different facilitators which have been playing and are experienced with drL. Catarina, Kevin, and Don, have been deeply involved in its practice in Malta, with experience of holding space for others in weekly meetings, weekend’s and weeklong retreats. This group is passionate about aware communication, support and deep connections.


Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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