Slow fashion and dressing with empathy

Slow fashion and dressing with empathy

Slow fashion and dressing with empathy


by Tonya Lehtinen

Sunday  – 11.30 – 12.30hrs

Short overview of the challenges created by fast fashion, both social and planetary.

Open discussion of new ways to look at fashion and dressing ourselves. This will cover: what we put on our bodies, our relationship to clothing, opting out of the fast fashion cycle.

What conscious choices we can make and how they will contribute to pushing for change in the fashion industry.

Tonya Lehtinen

Founder Vogue Xchange

South African born and resident of Gozo since 2018. I am an environmental activist with the goal of bringing awareness of the social and environmental inequities of the fast fashion industry through community projects and education. I founded Vogue Xchange in 2019 as an informal clothes xchange to raise funds for environmental causes in Malta , the focus has been on changing attitudes towards pre owned and vintage clothing in Malta and preventing clothing from going to landfill.

I work with MCAST, Agenzija Zghazagh, Valletta Design Cluster, and a host of young designers working with textile waste. My goal is creating a circular fashion hub in Gozo.

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