Shaping Your Story

Shaping Your Story

Shaping Your Story


by Carolin Zeitler

Saturday 1st June – 13.00 – 14.30hrs

Like a sculptor, we have two ways of shaping our story: seeing the end result and removing the excess or exploring what is in front of us step by step and seeing a result emerge from it organically. In this workshop we are going to use movement to shape our story of where we are going with our life and work. We are going to approach it from both angles, so that we end up with a much clearer idea of the path ahead.

Carolin’s work is all about connection and creating cultures that are conducive to connection. She is a social entrepreneur, a business coach & writer, who originally studied dance therapy. After running a women’s empowerment initiative in the Middle Eastern Emirate of Qatar for eight years, she came to Malta in 2016 and started working on empowering social entrepreneurs here. All her work is rooted in embodied practices, in exploring the connection between the different centres of intelligence – the heart, the mind and the gut.

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