by Roberta Mannucci

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Reflexology is a method for activating powers of the body. It is an ancient therapy first used in China, Egypt & India. Reflexology is a technique by which the energy balance of the body is restored using a particular type of massage through the stimulation and compression of specific reflexive points on the feet which through energy channels relates to the body’s organs and systems, allowing the therapist to exercise a preventive action and intervention on imbalances of the organism.

Roberta is Italian has been living in Malta almost 6 years. Holistic therapies caught her interest from a young age. Roberta studied reflexology and continues to attend courses & deepen her knowledge. This helped her to realise that she could also bring positivity in other person’s lives to help them make conscious positive life choices. Our feet ground us, giving us power over our body which reflexology helps us activate. Roberta is presently working at Osteopathy Malta Clinic.



Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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