Reclaiming Postpartum Care

Reclaiming Postpartum Care

Reclaiming Postpartum Care


by Iris & Ana

Sunday 2nd June Р15.00 Р16.00hrs.

For all parents and parents-to-be.

Most of the time, a lot of care and attention goes into the pregnancy, birth preparation and the birth itself. But what happens afterwards? What happens when the transition into parenthood has happened, the baby is happy and healthy and the continuous care ends? Becoming a parent can be quite an overwhelming journey (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and it is important to acknowledge this.

In this circle we invite parents and parents-to-be to share about their journeys into parenthood, and we share the most important things to keep in mind, to make this transition as gentle as possible – both for yourself and your children, and how to prepare for it.

Ana and Iris are two leading sisters on the front lines of reproductive health and well-being. They have been friends, colleagues and sisters for over 7 years. They share a deep passion for optimal well-being and health of cyclical humans, mothers, parents and children in general.

Their fields of expertise are complimentary and they have both finished two university degrees; Iris in Anthropology and Gender Studies, and Ana in Work and Organisational Psychology. They are seeking to broaden their horizons even more, as Iris wants to become a midwife, and Ana a physiotherapist.

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