Raising your children on a vegan diet

Raising your children on a vegan diet

Raising your children on a vegan diet


by Stephie Henson

Sunday 2nd June Р16.30 Р17.30hrs.

Studies tell us that plant based eating is the way forward, not only for our planet and for all that resides on it, but also for our health. Numerous health issues are linked with animal based diets whilst plant based diets are only linked with good health. But what about raising a child on a vegan diet? Despite studies clearly showing positive health outcomes in adopting a plant-based lifestyle and the academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stating that ‘plant-based diets are healthy for all stages of life’, there is still a lot of concern about raising a child on a vegan diet. Many people believe that not giving children animal based foods is dangerous for their health, some even feel it should be a criminal offence to raise a child on a vegan diet. Unfortunately, these people are not aware of the scientific facts and have been mislead due to a few cases where vegan children have suffered due to irresponsible parenting. In fact, there are far more cases of malnourished children who are not on plant based diets, but these cases don’t seem to make the news.

Stephie is a certified nutrition coach in both conventional nutrition and holistic nutrition, although holistic nutrition is where her heart lies. She turned vegetarian at the age of 9 out of love for animals and through the years she developed a passion for cooking and spent time in her kitchen experimenting with healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes. Illness among people she cared deeply for had a further influence on her and she turned her focus to learning more about the science behind the food we eat. Through her studies, as well as personal experience, she strongly believes that a plant based diet is one of the main keys to a healthy life, as well as being a diet that is good for our planet.

She began her studies in Nutrition in 2013, whilst juggling a full-time career and a family. Once she completed her diploma and qualified as a nutritional advisor, she then enrolled with the School of Natural Medicine UK and embarked on a journey to learn holistic nutrition and naturopathic medicine. Her subjects include healing diets nutrition, naturopathy, iridology, herbal medicine and quantum botanicals. Stephie provides nutritional advice on a regular basis and offers workshops. Stephie is a mum of two and step-mum to one and is currently very busy raising her 1 year old little boy, who is also on a plant based diet and doing very well.


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