Power of our Own Potential

Power of our Own Potential

Power of our Own Potential


by Gayle Murphy

Sunday 2nd June – 16.30 – 17.30hrs

A mix of philosophies based on vibrational attunement, neuroscience, utilising the morphogenetic field, breathwork and meditation. Knowledge is power, and it can help us to clear our own way into practice and action that clears us from blocks of the past and launches us into our vision of the future. A mixture of information and tools learned and well used, this workshop will cover some of the vastness of your own potential and how to tap into it.
Gayle Murphy has grown up believing that anything is possible. Determined to not get stuck in the same stories she grew up with, she has spent 20 years journeying around the globe learning different tools for achieving our highest potential. A daily practice for Gayle, in her personal life and work life, the tools enable us to expand and grow from our current self to a better version of ourselves. These tools all have a common theme, to tap into the subconscious and utilise the quantum field to bring into your life all that you thought not possible. It’s time to change the stories of your life and step into your highest version of yourself.


Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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