Mother Heart Circle

Mother Heart Circle

Mother Heart Circle


by Iris & Ana

Friday – 15.00 – 16.00hrs

A safe and sacred space for you to fully be who you are, a mother, a woman, a lover, a friend, you. This is a gathering for all mothers who are longing to share, being heard, listen and get inspired with and by other mothers. For all mothers, in a hectic daily life with that well-known pile of laundry stacked up and maybe that never-ending to-do list. For all mothers who want to find balance in it all, while mindfully mothering her kid(s). For all mothers, who sometimes still mourn because they’ve lost a part of themselves or finding the transformation into motherhood challenging at times. For all mothers that are pregnant, never got pregnant or experienced loss in their pregnancy. For all mothers who, in their own way, feel challenged, not seen or heard and are simply looking for a space to Be. Really for all mothers. No matter what it looks on the outside, we are all mothers!

Ana and Iris are two leading sisters on the front lines of reproductive health and well-being. They have been friends, colleagues and sisters for over 7 years. They share a deep passion for optimal well-being and health of cyclical humans, mothers, parents and children in general. Their fields of expertise are complementary and they have both finished two university degrees; Iris in Anthropology and Gender Studies, and Ana in Work and Organisational Psychology. They are seeking to broaden their horizons even more, as Iris wants to become a midwife, and Ana a physiotherapist.

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Available 15th April

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