Journey Through The Elements

Journey Through The Elements

Journey Through The Elements


by Sounds of Ether 

Sunday 2nd June – 20.00 – 21.30hrs

“Sound Meditation”

Sounds of Ether seeks to create magic where the soul knows without words, touching infinity with eyes closed and open awareness. The soundscapes we strive to create take you on a journey down the rabbit hole where the surreal takes you back to where you truly belong – the boundless expanse that is yourself through the four elements that comprise all of creation.

This project is a collaboration between four seekers who believe in holding space for a deeper exploration of the inner self. Through the sound of the drum, Michael celebrates the Earth and her rhythms. Dancing through the air is the melding of ethnic instruments and technology that were Martin creates an enveloping sonic experience. Through the singing bowls, Asena lulls us into the deeper depths of the unconscious, while Marija’s Shamanic drumming guides our path though this special soul journey.

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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