Feminine Flow

Feminine Flow

Feminine Flow


by Iris

Saturday 1st June – 15.00 – 16.00hrs

“For all cyclical humans”.

In our very mental world, it is sometimes hard to connect with our bodies. As women, we are cyclical beings (feminine) in a linear (masculine) world, which might disconnect us from our feminine core. Getting our bodies into a state of flow can help us to awaken our inner focus, tap into what makes us feel joyful and alive, and create space for growth and stillness. In this class we focus on connecting to our pelvis (creative headquarters & balance centre of the body) through stillness, movement, breath work, and visualisation. We move from the mind into the body and nourish our grounding abilities, while we take space for joy and zest for life, which leads to a more pleasurable life on all levels (relationships, sense of self, and work).

Iris is a trained doula, anthropologist and hormone yoga teacher specialised in pelvic health, fertility and women’s cycle & sexual health. After her anthropological research on pregnancy experiences in rural India, she fell in love with pregnancy and birth; and soon discovered that all cycles of a woman’s life are interconnected. Ever since, she has dedicated her life to all full-spectrum and holistic care concerning women’s well-being in all cycles of their life.

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