Exceeding Limitations

Exceeding Limitations

Exceeding Limitations


by Karl Pace

Friday 31st May – 16.30 – 17.30hrs.

Karl will give an inspirational talk, sharing some of his life story, going from severe heroin addiction to an athletic guy who loves challenging himself. He will be speaking about what he learns from Ultra Running, where one runs long distances mostly in mountainous terrain, usually between 6 hours; up to over 24 hours. “These runs are a journey, and the joys and challenges they bring up can teach us a lot about how we deal with daily life”.

The lesson Karl learns from Ultra-Marathon running is what he applies to his day to day life. How to overcome our mind, how to be gentle with ourselves, how to achieve our goals without being attached to them, and much more.

Karl spent his earlier years in the dark and shady life of a heroin addict, with all that comes with it – lying, stealing, court cases, despair. This eventually pushed him to change his life to one that serves him and those around him in a better way. Today he is enthusiastic about living a simpler and healthier life. His passions are many, but mostly connected to nature.


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