Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine


by Reine Kabban

Friday 31st May – 16.00 – 17.30hrs

Welcome to this hands-on, practical, and amazing workshop where we will demonstrate some very easy techniques to bring you vitality, health, balance and much more to your system!!! All ages welcome ?

Reine has suffered from back injury; and even though she’s a yoga practitioner and instructor, she still could not heal until she learned about Energy Medicine! So let’s do it!!! You have nothing to lose but pain and tiredness.

Reine is a yoga and dance teacher of many years. Her experience in life has taken her to many countries and paths. She’s very interested in what works, what gives results, and direct experience of life. Besides teaching, she is a mother of a beautiful star child, her greatest initiation into love and service. Her deepest goal is to experience the source of live within her and help others come into that experience as well.


Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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