Emotional Alchemy

Emotional Alchemy

Emotional Alchemy

by Claire Mangion

Sunday- 08:00 – 09.00hrs

We have the ability to change our state of being by being present with whatever we are feeling in the moment.

What is Emotional Alchemy?

Alchemy is a magical process of transformation and transmutation. Emotional Alchemy is the process of transforming emotions that are blocked within our body and allow them to flow and change and bringing ourselves back to a state of presence. Emotions are energy in motion and if we block these emotions, energetic knots are created. In the long run these can manifest as physical pain and discomfort. During this workshop we will explore emotional alchemy through yoga, movement, breathing and meditation.

Your Facilitator

Claire Mangion graduated in business management in 2001. Yet her inner calling led her towards the path of yoga and intuitive healing. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2007 furthering her studies in Kriya and Vinyasa Yoga in 2013 and 2018 from Yogananda School of Yoga. She finalized her facilitation training in sexual awakening for women in 2018 from the Shakti Shiva Academy.

Claire is today the founder of Embodied Voyage and Yoga Space Malta. She teaches yoga and embodiment practices with the intention of creating a balanced and safe space where healing can occur. She has always envisioned people awakening to their gift, to their true potential and to have the possibility to be able to manifest their dreams. This can be done when we start to feel deeply connected with ourselves and to start to have a loving healthy relationship with the totality of our body.

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Available 15th April

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