Connecting to the Body

Connecting to the Body

Connecting to the Body


by Ana Sangre Buena

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Connecting to the Body through Healing Touch

Receiving a massage is one of the vital ways to activate the recovery system in the body and let the energy flow through touch. It enlivens the body tissues by dissolving adhesions and bringing oxygen and nutrition to body parts suffering from ‘oxygen starvation’. This results in an alleviation of pain, stress and improves better sleep. Resulting in more freedom to move your body and (mental) resilience.

Ana is a licensed massage & lymph therapist, health educator and organizational psychologist. From her fascination with the effect of the mind on our physical body and how the two work together, she began her journey ten years ago by studying Hawaiian body and energy work. Along the years she learned other approaches from (evidence-based) practices such as sports therapy, lymph therapy, fascia release, deep tissue and sports massage. She owns her own practice in The Netherlands where she helps people with recovery after surgery or burnout, athletes with (old) sports injuries and people with a medical diagnose such as fibromyalgia, rheumatism and various types of oedema. She works together with other health care practitioners who hold an integrative point of view. Ana is also a trained postpartum doula and strong advocate of changing the way our culture views postpartum care. She also specializes in massage treatments for women during their pregnancy and postpartum period, to support hormonal balance, and scar management care after caesarean. Together with her stepsister she founded Rebozo Closing Ritual which delivers high-quality services to support women during their postpartum period.


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