Visit Malta, enjoy the festival !

The Malta Tourism Authority is once again supporting Earth Garden, an annual outdoor non-mainstream music festival held in Malta.

For a destination like ours, blessed as it is with a 7,000 year unbroken line of human activity, the type of tourism that Earth Garden attracts is recognised as an important element in our tourism strategy.  We believe that music is an excellent way to represent our human legacy, but we also have beautiful, natural settings within which to express it.

We are aware that the Mediterranean has a great supply of sunny, coastal destinations whose major offer relies very heavily on sun and beach assets. We clearly have all this to offer, but also much more. We know that tourism is shifting from detached sightseeing into a more genuine, hands-on, alternative experience. Therefore we have prepared ourselves for an increased demand for personalised quality experiences available to all.  Earth Garden incorporates all this beautifully. We believe there is nobetter place for different traditions to gather and celebrate each other than the Maltese islands; the very heart of the Mediterranean.

We are very conscious of the fact that hospitality, authenticity and tradition feature amongst the growing trends in tourism, and we welcome this wholeheartedly. These are, after all, some of our strong points as a destination. Visitors are primarily motivated to visit Malta for its agreeable climate, the novelty of the destination, our history and culture. With over 100 acts from all over the world and varied music styles, we are confident that this festival will once again serve as an excellent introduction to our beautiful summer season.

We are aware that word of mouth recommendation from friends and relatives is the key factor in influencing prospective visitors to choose Malta as a holiday destination. For this reason, we strive to provide the best cultural experience possible; one that will inspire and give enough reason for our guests to recommend the tremendous holistic experience that we are ready to offer.

Our concluding message is simple: visit Malta, enjoy the festival and recommend it to your friends!