The Festival returns

Here we are, another edition of the Festival, Earth Garden.

It was a great journey, and like every journey it has memorable times, not all are positive, but here we are and we are definitely proud of what the Festival has become; a great experience of art, music and culture in one event. We have grown, but we took our time and this was probably our key to success. Success, in this case, is not being in the limelight, but success for the organisers means seeing our audience increasing, not only in number but also coming from different countries, thus bringing in a multicultural aspect to the festival.

So we have referred to the festival in many ways throughout the editions, “3 days of sun, fun and music”, but there was little sun and quite some rain, in our second edition, surely the fun and music never left us. We were sad in our fourth edition as we lost the founder of this festival, Desmond Vella. It was hard for us, but it would have been a dishonour to our friend, not to organise the festival he loved so much.

We had “the festival of colours” and it truly is, not only the décor but the colourful people that attend, making the Festival unique.

This is “the local green festival”, was another reference, and we surely are proud of the progress; there is more to do for our mother earth, but we are glad we are doing our little part. Last year, we saved almost 4000kg of waste resources. We sincerely believe that with the help of all those who attend our festival we can do more. On the other hand we promise to do our part and continue to improve.

This year it’s a celebration, of all the hard work, the fun, the sun, the music, the people and again another step towards more growth for the Festival!

This 10th anniversary celebration we present one festival, with one main stage: the Roots stage that will host all the concerts and major acts. This stage is becoming bigger, literally, with 22m of width and definitely louder hosting different styles of music such as folk, reggae, ska and world music. Yet again, the Roots stage will surely be a showcase of concerts from international and local acts.

We invite you to visit our fully info-loaded website to get to know more about the line-up of artists.

Watch out for updates as we reveal another 6 major artists; 3 will be announced on Tuesday 29 March and the last 3 on Tuesday 12 April.

We take this opportunity to thank our audience, thank you for making this journey worthwhile, we could not have made it without you!

Visit to know more about all areas within the Festival.

Earth Garden Festival 2016 happening on the 3, 4, 5 June at the National Park Ta’Qali is powered by Twistees and supported by Cisk Premium Lager Export, the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Encore Arts & Culture Magazine, Surplus & Adventure, Kuluri and Jagged House.