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Tetra Hydro K

Tetra Hydro K is a laboratory in which two dub alchemists are experimenting with multiple sounds to mark their imprint on the French electro-dub scene. The duo of producers returns this year with a new album “Odyssée”.

Coming respectively from the free party and trip-hop universe, they took their inspirations from French dub tenors such as High Tone, Improvisator Dub or Kaly Live Dub. Kanay creates a strong rhythm while Krilong brings his melodic genius with his saxophone. Electronic? Acoustic? Dub? Drum’n’Bass? Tetra Hydro K focuses on the combination of organic elements in an electronic universe. After 4 EPs since 2010, the band decided to evolve in 2016 with a first album “Labotomie”. It was followed by 2 albums in 2017 and 2018 and season 1 of the amazing “Smoking Sessions” last year.

With this new album “Odyssée”, THK rightly marks its stamp on the French dub landscape. They turned their passion into a life-size experimentation, a great diversification of the genres and musical influences that shines through various guests.