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Son Gaia

Son Gaia is a collective of migrant artists with the goal of bringing the musical legacy and oral tradition of the Colombian Caribbean to various corners of the world. Through genres and sounds such as Porro, Cumbia, Bullerengue, and Tambora, they showcase the rich traditional music of the Caribbean region.

With the “alegre”, “llamador” and “tambora” drums, deeply rooted in the African diaspora, the melodies of the Kuisis (Colombian gaitas) originate from the indigenous expression of the mountains Singing in one of the most widely spoken Romance languages in the world, ‘Spanish, Songaia transcends the borders of modern music, always seeking the purest form of human expression that resonates with the overwhelming need to move and sing together to the rhythm of whistles and drums.

Songaia invites you to be part of this experience and to discover the magical territories from where these instruments, their performers, and the stories originate. It will take you on a sensory adventure that lingers until the candles go out and the sun illuminates us.