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Nicky Luna & Patman

From a young age, Nicky Luna discovered his passion for bringing people together in a space to let go and dance. Over the past 12 years Nicky has become very well known both as a DJ and for his parties on the island of Malta. He is the founder of Frisco Disco and co-founder A little Crush. When it comes to his dj sets he is a strong believer in the power of diversity and freedom avoiding categorisation. Ultimately it’s all about sharing music that transmits and elicits emotion.

Patman has been driven by music since his first instrument, at 6 years old. With a curiosity to new sounds and musical capabilities, he´s explored many instruments, bands and genres. With guitar being his first instrument and always adding to his collection, he feels most comfortable digging for music in record stores and having the opportunity to show it to music lovers. A purist when it comes to music and vinyl, he has spent the last few years working in record shops in Malta and Barcelona, giving him the perfect opportunity to expand his collection and showcase it at various forms of music events

Both Patman and Nicky Luna are versatile and can read the space very well. When they combine forces, they are best known for sharing soulful music from across the globe ranging from Slow jams, to Disco to House.