A music festival that’s getting greener!


Earth Garden Festival has always had a green conscience, but the Festival has stepped up its efforts in the last three years. The Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, together with Wasteserv, is once again enthusiastic to support this campaign.

Over the last 3 years, Earth Garden has saved over 11000 kgs of resources going to landfill. A massive achievement! This year once again is a build-up on the resources management systems used in previous years, empowering participants of the Festival to come together to make a difference, reducing their resources at source, putting their plastic and glass, metals and compost recycling in the correct collection bins on site and encouraging others to do the same! All the materials are reused post festival and utilised as resources, even the ‘other waste’ bins are separated to make sure nothing ends up as waste. Last year, it was the first time in Malta that a festival used reusable cups; the ‘onecup’. The festival’s organisers are taking steps every year to move towards a greener event. Changes have seen a coming together of the festival goers, suppliers and organisers to collaborate, introducing a resources reducing ‘waste’ management system where waste is reduced at source, considering packaging and materials used and everything that is used is reduced and reused and nothing goes to landfill, national campaigns have been launched to raise awareness and educate participants, and trialling the first ‘onecup’ initiative in Malta, a reusable cup that festival goers keep for the duration of the festival. These things have been initiated by the design and implementation of full sustainability policies at every level of the festival, helping guide and support all involved to make change.

All of this has been made possible through the commitment of Earth Garden to be an eco-Friendly festival, the consultation of Global Green Events and the ongoing support of the Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change and Wasteserv.

The Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Dr Jose Herrera said he is proud that his ministry is sponsoring this festival again, a Festival that promotes care for the environment. He noted with satisfaction that once again Earth Garden is involving Wasteserv.

This year Earth Garden are aiming to get rid of disposable cups completely and asking everyone to join the ‘onecup’ campaign. They are also working on a project with Why Not? to trial the first compost toilets at a festival in Malta, which they hope to be part of this year’s festival.

The ‘onecup’ campaign was introduced last year, supported by Barcode, with great success. The results were positive so the organisers have teamed up again with Barcode to roll out the trial to cover the whole festival. There are 3 cup sizes and they can be acquired for a minimum refundable deposit of €0.60c. Purpose built wash stations are provided for festival goers to wash their own drink containers or ‘onecup’s and the water used is then spread out around the national park to water the plants and keep the dust pollution to a minimum. The cups were designed by Kuluri, using original illustrations of Elaine Saliba.

‘As with every initiative that is launched we are only able to be successful if we all come together to make the change’ says Global Green Events founder and Earth Garden’s sustainability consultant Gayle Murphy ‘Our focus is on empowering and inspiring all our participants to make a difference and providing systems for them that are easier to use than not use. It is incredible what can be achieved from a group of inspired people and we have seen that in the last few years! Some participants even tell us about their new home composting systems or recycling passions post event. The legacies move far beyond the days of the festival.’ Engaging Wasteserv as a partner Earth Garden gets assurance that all resources used are recycled, composted for landfill reclamation, or sold as tender to burn as residual fuel.

Earth Garden Festival is all about green initiatives throughout the festival. In fact, there are vendor and stall holder environmental policies in place with a refundable paid bond. Even all the decorations are made of recycled material. Pocket ashtrays are provided for the campers and smokers on site at the Festival.

Year on year the Festival aims to build on these initiatives with the intention of getting greener! Furthermore, Earth Garden is urging the community to step up and make a real difference in all Maltese events!

The 2017 edition of Earth Garden Festival happening on the 1, 2, 3, 4 June at the National Park, Ta’ Qali is powered by Krea and supported by Cisk Export Premium Lager, Kinnie, the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Ministry for Tourism, Ipanema, Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa, Transport Malta, Encore Arts & Culture Magazine, Surplus & Adventure Equipment Store, Kuluri and Jagged House.

Tickets at €25 each for a 4-day pass for Earth Garden Festival 2017 are available for sale; online from ticketline.com.mt or from the following outlets; Gozo: Cafe Jubilee and Mojos – Rabat; Malta: Café Jubilee – Gzira and Valletta, Paper Clips – Msida, Saqqajja Kiosk – Rabat, Pitstop – Xemxija, Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa – Mellieħa, Zion – M’Scala, Juuls Bar – St. Julian’s. The organisers remind the general public that children under 12 accompanied by an adult will be allowed to enter the festival for free. Dogs are welcome but need to be kept on a leash and owners must always clean after.