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Deeply rooted in Reggae and Ska, the band’s voice is a fusion with other sounds such as Funk, Blues, Rock, Punk, Hip-Hop, Latino style, and even polka. This mesh of sounds comes together with the dynamic of their band’s, you can hear the International variance in the music of ManaTapu which combines 4 languages, lyrics go from English to Maltese to Spanish to French.

The band’s variety is cemented in local cultures where their multicultural influences mould together to create a highly energetic performance to “generate massive audience reaction when they play”. As ambassadors for the local music scene, ManaTapu are one of the most sought-after live acts on the island» of Malta and are best known for their crowd pumping sound and contagiously energetic shows generating MushPit.

They delivered first their massive energy to the crowd at the 2013 Earth Garden Festival where the Roots Stage brought to life the eclectic sounds of ManaTapu. Their latest album is a ten-track titled Tuatara, a legendary release that was launched in May 2018. Recently they just did their first Tour.

The eight-piece outfit is made up of James Saliba (Bass Guitar), Ryan Abela (Drums), Dario Vella C (Vocals & Guitar), Nick Morales (Vocals & Guitar), Luca Gurrieri (Saxophone), Pupachile (Vocals), Liksu (Keys & Trumpet), and Tete (Vocals).