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Malaka Hostel

It’s time to let madness get the upper hand again and throw yourself into collective dance ecstasy.

When Malaka Hostel perform, they easily tear down the invisible wall between the band and the audience. They sing in Spanish, German, Czech or English – music is their “world language”. Folk music , whether from the Balkans or the Andes, finds its place – carried by grooving beats, while the brass section, consisting of trumpets and harmonica, bubbles away. Ska, polka, Balkan beats and rock riffs come together just as well as gypsy swing, folk or Greek rebetiko.

With the single “Brave New World”, which will be released in early 2022, Malaka Hostel are expanding the escalative style of their last album “Dizko Fatale” with a more profound facet. In the song, among other things, a position is taken on the current climate crisis. Commenting on the accompanying music video, Viktor Myron, singer of Malaka Hostel, says: “The video shows the band in a post-apocalyptic scenario, although of course the hopeful outlook at the end should not go unmentioned”. From a musical point of view, flat sounds, catchy melodies and unusual arrangements once again prove the diversity of this colorful group.