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Lewis Fautzi

Lewis Fautzi, the Portuguese techno maestro, is like cosmic light reflecting on polished surfaces—an artist whose career mirrors the trajectory of a projectile in the techno space. Starting with notable releases on labels like Soniculture and Slam’s Soma Quality, Fautzi’s sonic journey gained momentum, earning acclaim from Jeff Mills. His discography expanded rapidly, featuring on influential labels like Figure, Pole Group, Bpitch Berlin, Warm Up Recordings, and more.

Fautzi’s artistic evolution is evident in his four albums, including ‘The Gare Album’ and ‘Space Exploration,’ showcasing his versatility from intense techno to ambient and experimental realms. As a DJ and live performer, he’s left an indelible mark on renowned venues like Berghain and Lux Frágil. Fautzi embodies techno in his productions, drawing influences from Mills-ian cosmic tones, Berlin echoes, British industrialists, and the Spanish groove—all with his distinctive stamp.

With an ever-expanding vision and peer recognition, Lewis Fautzi’s journey continues to captivate, leaving us eager to follow the trajectory of his next sonic exploration.