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Kin'Gongolo Kiniata

Kin’Gongolo Kiniata is the new generation of musicians from Kinshasa. Nourished by the sounds of the city, the group translates the frenetic life of the streets into their music. They make their own instruments with recycled objects and explore sound textures to produce experimental Afro-pop with a punk energy between electro and Congolese rhythms.

The lyrics in Ingala (one of the most widely spoken languages in Congo) traverse various themes of hope and perseverance. A tribute to the itinerant workers, a song against the war in Congo,an encouragement to the youth of Kinshasa.

During the period when there were power cuts in Congo, the itinerant oil sellers brought people the necessity to produce light. The sound of the boxes they carried around sounded “kingongolo, kingongolo, kingongolo”.