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Since 2010 Indubstry is the Dub factory, not as an unscrupulous multinational, but as a family business where the original genuine product is the music. The Band  uses the Dub as the common  key, combining consciously the personal attitudes of each member. 

In 2012 the debut album is “Push”, by SuoniVisioni label, with the artistic production of Madaski from the oldest  Italian reggae band Africa Unite. “Push” is recorded by Luigi Esposito at Scere Haram Studios, Italy and mixed by Madaski  and Mauro Tavella at the Dub The Demon Studios, Italy. In December of 2012 we released the first single “Rasta soldiers” feat. Marcello Coleman. Following the excellent debut of “Push” and the good public response during many live performances, Indubstry announced their winter tour for 2013/2014. During the tour we shared the stage with: Manu Chao, Asian Dub Foundation, Aphrodite, Subsonica, 99 Posse, LN Ripley, Nobraino, Almamegretta, Aucan, Jovine, Salmo, Africa Unite, Foja, and many more.

The second album is “Overcome”, by SuoniVisioni label,  released in 2016, recorded by Luigi Esposito at Scere Haram Studios, Italy mixed  by Philip Winter aka Umberto Echo at Elevator Studios, Germany, and mastered by Dieter Pimiskern at Dorian Gray Studios, Germany.” Overcome” contains  the featuring of Clementino and Luca Zulù Persico from 99 Posse.

Indubstry performed for the following tour in many national  festival like Voci dal Sud, Calafrika, IndaSirino, Ecosuoni, etc. We performed also at Rototom Reggae Sunsplash in Benicassin, Spain, in 2015,  and a lot of gigs in Malta, the last one at Rock The South 2022.

Before the pandemic, Indubstry released  2 singles “Borders” released on  2019, April, 12 and “Già so” on 2020, February, 25.  Both singles are off label, recorded, and mixed by Antonio Dafe Annunziata at Multiversi Studio, Italy and mastered by Francesco Borrelli. This is the moment we found our sound. Now Indubstry is preparing the new album release, and is also performing live.

Indubstry are Filippo D’Avanzo (Vocal), Domenico Vitolo (Keyboards and prog.), Giancarlo Aquilonia (Drums) and Alfonso D’Ambrosi (Bass).