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Hilight Tribe

Hilight Tribe is a highly regarded European electro-instrumental band that is known for its message of peace and unity among all cultures. Their live performances are 100% live and have been known to convert even the toughest skeptics into singing and dancing along with the rest of the crowd. Throughout their journeys, which have taken them from San Paolo to Bombay and Tokyo, they have aligned themselves with the values of ancient civilizations and tribes. With 8 albums and over 700 shows, their recent collaborations with Armin Van Buuren and Vini Vici have expanded their reach and visibility on a global scale.

The band describes their genre as “Natural Trance”, which is interpreted entirely by musicians and is a blend of avant-garde electronica and traditional world music. The bass drum and guitar serve as a platform for expression, along with vocals, multiple percussions and a wide range of ethnic instruments like the sitar, didgeridoo, and native American drums. Some instruments and vocals are connected to effects and triggers that open the doors to experimental and psychedelic sounds.