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Born with a diverse musical upbringing, Etched’s passion spans across various genres and styles. He draws inspiration from a wide array of sounds and scenes, particularly intrigued by the narrative and introspective aspects of electronic music and characterizes his sets by implementing atmospheric textures that guide listeners through immersive journeys, telling stories through sound. 

Etched has shared stages with renowned artists like Setaoc Mass, Freddy K, Marcel Fengler, Giorgio Gigli, Adrianna Lopez, and Thomas Hessler, showcasing his distinctive approach to music curation. 

As co-founder of Selekt nights, he has swiftly become a fixture in local line-ups, bringing his unique perspective to the forefront. Rooted in his experiences on the dancefloor and fueled by his global exploration of festivals and club culture, Etched firmly believes that everything finds its essence in sound, reflecting his deep-seated reverence for music, the power it holds to unite and the freedom of expression that it carries.