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Earth Kidz

Earth Kidiz Village has been designed exclusively for our youngest festival-goers and families, where the magic of nature and the joy of exploration come together in perfect harmony. Bursting with an array of exciting activities and interactive experiences, our aim is to entertain, educate and inspire the next generation of mini explorers.

Earth Kidz is a family zone with an all-day activity programme running from 12:00 to 22:00.

Exploring Earth Kidz

Kids under 14 enter the festival for free. Entrance to Earth Kidz will be at €5.00 per hour, €7.50 for half a day or €15.00 for a full day.

Once inside Earth Kidz Village, all the shows, crafts, activities, juggling & giant bouncy castles are FREE.

Tickets are limited and activities are subject to session times & maximum capacities.


13:00 - Backyard Olympics

Step into the excitement at the Backyard Olympics in the Earth Kidz Zone! Experience classic party games enhanced with hilarious new challenges and side-splitting twists. Whether you’re dodging balloon hurdles or racing with laughter, fun is guaranteed for all. Come, unleash your playful spirit and create joyous memories with every giggle-filled game!

14:00 - Morgan Mage Magic Show

A magical spectacle that combines astonishing tricks and interactive magic that will captivate both kids and adults alike. Prepare to be amazed and like never before as Morgan transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary!

15:00 - Happy Kids Yoga

Aloha Happy Kids Yoga is a blend of movement, music, and mindfulness. Led by Silvia Modrego, kids embark on a playful exploration of yoga poses inspired by nature and stories. Through joyful activities and lively music, they develop strength, flexibility, and emotional resilience in a safe, supportive environment.

16:00 - ESPLORA Beautiful Bubbles Science Show

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Bubbles of all sizes going up, this way, that way, and all over the place … with a little help from the audience! Kids will find out what bubbles are made of, how bubbles are formed and the shapes that bubbles can take. They might even get the chance to step inside our famous human-sized bubble!

17:00 - Sean's Puppet Show

Step into a world of imagination where puppets come to life, telling tales that will captivate kids and families alike. Each performance is a masterpiece of creativity, filled with colorful characters and whimsical stories. Join us for a heartwarming journey of laughter, surprises, and fun that will spark joy and create lasting memories!

18:00 - Urban Bratz presents: Street Elements Hip Hop Dance Show

Witness the electrifying moves of Malta’s Got Talent 2023 finalists, Street Elements, in the Urban Bratz Hip Hop Dance Show! Experience the fusion of street style and fashion as talented young dancers light up the stage in collaboration with a leading kids fashion brand Urban Bratz.

19:00 - Kids Drumming with Peter Paul Tribali

An electrifying Kids Drumming workshop with Peter Paul from our very own Tribali! Using the mesmerizing beats of the djembe and artistic upcycled instruments, children will embark on a rhythmic journey like no other. Guided by Peter Paul they’ll learn basic drumming techniques, explore diverse rhythms, and unleash their creativity through playful improvisation. Get ready for a high-energy experience that’s not just about music—it’s about fostering joy, teamwork, and a passion for percussion!

20:00 - Circus Jampalooza: The Cabaret Cascade Show by Juggling Art Studio

A hilarious cabaret-style spectacle where juggling, clownery, and flow arts take a comedic twist. This isn’t just any circus act—it’s an interactive experience where the audience becomes part of the laughter and star of the show. Prepare for an unforgettable evening where ordinary is turned extraordinary, filled with collective joy and captivating performances.

21:00 - Family Silent Disco

Experience the ultimate family fun at Earth Kidz Village with our Silent Disco! Get ready to groove together under the stars with wireless headphones, enjoying a variety of music channels suitable for all ages, creating magical moments for the whole family.

Aloha Happy Kidz Nature Play & Crafts

Opening hours: 13:00 – 21:00

Session duration: 20 minutes (Maximum capacities apply)

Giant Tribe Box Building

Create giant structures using boxes of all shapes and sizes. From skyscrapers to castles, anything is possible! Work together, problem-solve, and have a blast building with your family friends. Get ready for a box-tastic adventure!

Mud Kitchen & Nature Crafts

Dive into the great outdoors as you explore, create, and cook in our mud kitchen. Gather natural treasures like leaves, sticks, and flowers to craft beautiful masterpieces. Then, head to the mud kitchen to whip up delicious treats using mud, leaves, and other natural ingredients. From mud pies to leafy salads, let your imagination run wild as you blend nature and creativity into one unforgettable adventure!

Instrument Upcycle

A musical adventure where you’ll transform recyclable materials into awesome instruments. From DIY drums made of tin cans to xylophones crafted from old bottles, discover the joy of upcycling while making groovy tunes. Let’s reduce, reuse, and rock out together in the ultimate eco-friendly jam session!

Little Ones Jungle Tent

Nestled amidst the excitement of the festival, our serene jungle tent offers a peaceful retreat for little ones. Step inside and find a cozy spot to unwind surrounded by gentle sounds of nature. With soft cushions, twinkling lights, and leafy decorations, children can relax, read a book, or simply enjoy a moment of calm away from the hustle and bustle. The Earth Garden Jungle Tent Oasis provides a tranquil haven where young minds can recharge and rejuvenate amidst the festival fun.

Circus Juggling Playground

Opening hours: 12:00 – 19:00

Session duration: 20 minutes (Maximum capacities apply)

A vibrant new attraction for your esteemed festival: “Circus Playground”. This concept is a fusion of circus magic and the spirit of Earth Garden, designed to captivate and engage festival-goers like never before. Circus Playground will be an immersive, interactive area dedicated to the world of Circus Juggling and Flow Arts. Picture this: a buzzing space alive with color and movement, offering workshops, sessions, games, shows and more.




Where the fun never stops bouncing! Located next to the big top and circus juggling playground , Bouncy Land features two massive inflatables waiting for kids to jump, leap, and bounce to their hearts’ content. Session duration will be limited.