Earth Garden Festival 2022 – The Road to Freedom

Earth Garden Festival 2022

The 15-year anniversary of the Earth Garden Festival marks the beginning of freedom for festival-goers.


Over 100 international and local artists
5 Music Areas
Camping Area
Ethnic Market & Healing Fields
Kids Area
Gorgeous food stalls with world cuisine
Environmentally friendly waste management


Earth Garden Festival will return this June to Ta’ Qali, the Picnic Area, after two pandemic-related breaks. The 15-year anniversary of the Earth Garden Festival 2022 will offer free admission as a thank you and as a celebration of the road to freedom to festival-goers.

Malta’s largest alternative music festival is renowned for bringing the biggest and most talented non mainstream acts to the island in a celebration of music, life, and diversity. This year, festival-goers are already excited for what promises to be an even more unforgettable experience thanks to various foreign and local acts.

There will be ten distinct areas for the Earth Garden Festival 2022, which will take place on 3-5 June. Each will have its own special features. Since the postponement of the 2020 and 2021 editions due to the pandemic, a lot of camping spots have already been reserved. The Picnic Area will host up to 1,500 campers, with more than 25,000 festival-goers expected overall.

In its 15-year anniversary, the festival continues to offer festival-goers a fusion of world music that spans multiple genres and incorporates the most unlikely performers. There is a wide range of music this year, from ska to blues, reggae, alternative rock, world music, psychedelic trance, techno, acid, house, gypsy, and more – as well as an excellent jamming area that is always the scene of some surprising improvising sessions.

The Earth Garden Festival has always been committed to keeping things green. A pioneer in implementing novel, environmentally friendly waste management from the very first edition, the festival has continually improved its green strategy and strived to find novel ways to increase public awareness of environmental issues. Given this track record, it is no wonder that it has set a very high bar for other festivals to follow.



The heart of the festival beats even stronger this year, as the Roots Stage presents an even bigger international showcase of live music, mixing live reggae, world music, dub, hip-hop, ska and funk.  Artists on this year’s line-up include the below.


PANDA DUB (France) 

Get ready to be mesmerised by one of the most talented artists on the French indie and alternative music scene. Fresh from his new album Horizons,  Panda Dub’s beats present an ever-changing exploration of unique sounds that takes festival-goers on an unforgettable journey or rhythm. As the music soars, so do our spirits.



This band finds its roots in dub, ska and reggae, with performances that typically end up in a frenzied mosh pit that channel all the vibes of a mid-80s ska night. Sounds just the kind of gig that will go down in the Earth Garden books, combining tight grooves and a heavyweight sound that anyone with a love for good sound will appreciate. Get ready for good vibes and tons of energy from lead singer Jonathan Scratchley and the rest of the gents of The Nextmen.


K.O.G and the Zongo Brigade (UK & Africa)

Outrageous, a whirlwind of energy and infectious. These are all words that have been used to describe the performances by Kweku Sackey – aka KOG – and his eight-piece Zongo brigade. The Roots Stage is set to come alive to high-octane West African grooves, with afrobeat, soul, funk, rock, and reggae beats that won’t leave one single festival goer standing still.



The spiritual godfathers of Earth Garden Festival, Tribali are once again set to rule the Roots Stage with an energetic mix of percussion, native wind and string instruments and an unmistakable drum beat. Masters of entertainment, Tribali never fail to get the festival-goers into a frenzy of dance and pure happiness. Expect a set featuring their most acclaimed pieces from their three albums, and maybe some surprises along the way.



Local favourites ManaTapu also return to the Roots Stage with good cheer and an awesome sound that ranges from funk to blues, rock, punk, hip-hop, latino and… even polka! Because, why not? When you have as much passion and a talent for transmitting it to the crowd through music, you can get away with anything. And these guys certainly do that, meshing English,  Maltese, Spanish and French in one glorious gig.


OPAL OCEAN (Australia)

Rock meets flamenco as this astounding duo took their epic sound from street busking to the stages, with their highly anticipated debut album Lost Fables creating a massive buzz and sold out shows throughout their 2019 Europe, New Zealand and Canada tour.


FAKAWI (Malta)

Fakawi is wrapping up the Roots Stage on Sunday with a special edition and an even special closing presentation. This band is always a crowd favorite. Be prepared for the unexpected.



A magical spot where music and happiness collide, the Enchanted Forest’s new location has helped it grow considerably, and this year we’re seeing a packed three-day schedule that brings together a diverse list of well-loved names.


Who hasn’t stomped to the amazing beats of Bass Culture? This year, festival-goers get two beautiful experiences for the price of one as Bass Culture will feature Mundo Muzika for an adrenalin-filled set that will raise the temperature a notch or six. Expect frenetic beats and pure dance perfection with a fusion of cultures, sounds and beats that prove that you never have too much of a good thing. Especially when that thing is an Earth Garden festival gig.


After finding the right ingredients mixing everything together and mashing everything with sumptuous generosity, it had to sit maturing for the last few years. And now is the time to dig in!  Head over to enchanted forest on Saturday to have a taste of the Pudina, join the Pudina, become the Pudina. Sonitus Eco will open with his blend of ambient, dark dubby techno, easing you into the sunset. Followed by Joon, with her cheeky indie electronic music, making sure to put a right smile on your face as you groove on the dance floor. We know she does it better. Acidulant will then make sure that we get raving hard, working his outstanding mastery of squelching 303 sounds. Then, as Pudina requires, a slap-in-the-face set by Danjeli. A Maltese mix of irreverent electronic music. Closing the night with a bang. 


What do you get when the Fighting Dread’s message of love and positivity meets Rasta MC? Great things, as Enchanted Forest wraps up this year with a stellar Reggae Party featuring a mashup of highly talented and passionate DJs, MCs, and musicians, with Re-volt, Rasta MC, and individual and back-to-back sets by Salted Dread & Freedom Fighters. Fighting Dread is a collaboration between Maltese selectors Freedom Fighters & Salted Dread, a sweet combination of New roots, Roots and Dub music.



It’s a party paradise where true party animals converge, a dancefloor that rocks year after year. The beats will come fast and furious this year, with some of the biggest names on the local and international scene convergent on one stage.

FRIDAY – DISORDER (Feat. Lewis Fautzi)

Disorder is one of the most anticipated showcases at Earth Garden Festival and this year’s names are set to impress. Opening the Electronic Sphere are Manthrax, Neil Pantos, Faddy, and Lewis Fautzi.  The prolific Portuguese artist Fautzi, with diverse artistic sensations, will undoubtedly impress techno die-hards.


Unfocused always delivers an unforgettable experience to partygoers. Dance the night away with Maltese favorites Brian James, Owen Jay and newcomer Tina. Unfocused brings yet another legendary act to the techno scene: Dana Ruh, the iconic German cult hit. A master of subtle and minimal tropes as well as up-tempo house, Dana Ruh rules the Berlin peak-time techno vibe.

SUNDAY – PRESENCE (Feat. Mindlab, Sabretooth, dr. Shulgin, Kundalini)

Earth Garden’s Presence tradition brings psy trance and goa trance from local and international artists to the Electronic Sphere. The Presence crew is joined by Sabretooth from the UK, dr. Shulgin from Serbia, Kundalini from Bulgaria, and Mindlab from Greece for a magically twisted afternoon and closing to the Electronic Sphere.



What’s even more alternative than the alternative? Strawberry Hill, of course. Earth Garden’s disco magnet, the space that draws all lovers of a good, dancey tune in the free-spirited vibe that Earth Garden offers.


SUNDAY – LOLLIPOP (Feat. Horse Meat Disco)

Malta’s biggest and proudest gay night out is once again hosted by Earth Garden. Lollipop nights are a must across the party scene in Malta, and their festival showcase is set to look even wilder than usual as the UK duo Horse Meat Disco get together with our favourite queens for a powerful tour de force in queer party culture.



The even more informal and chill zone within Earth Garden Festival offers a laid-back, comfy space for jamming and improvised sessions for bands, solo musicians, and festival-goers alike. Join in the fun, or feel free to just sit back and soak in the festival vibes and the gorgeous music.



When it comes to interacting with like-minded souls, the Healing Fields is the place to be. You will gain inspiration and nourish your general sense of well-being here. Workshops and talks are scheduled in the morning regarding natural healing, healthy eating, natural therapies and remedies, yoga, massage, and spirituality. The Healing Fields can be found in the Jamming Area.



Camping is available for those who want the full festival experience. Camping is an endless and exciting experience. After-hours at Earth Garden take on a new meaning, with one big family enjoying nature throughout the entire festival. Get your tickets now as they’re already selling fast.



Colors and gorgeous, handcrafted creations abound in the market. This is where you will find a variety of unique items from clothes and jewellery to body ornaments, incense, and candles, as well as ethnic home décor items. It is a never-ending array of original designs within a free-spirited atmosphere.



What is a music festival without a good food court to fuel your energy? The Earth Garden Food Court is unparalleled, bringing together the island’s top food vendors to offer an incredible variety of world cuisines. Earth Garden’s selection of freshly prepared meals includes healthy and vegetarian options that will delight your taste buds.



At the heart of it all, Earth Garden is a festival for the young and the young at heart. Which is why the Fun Park is another well-loved area of the festival, featuring bouncy castles, face painting, trampolines and more. This is a festival that is both family-friendly and pet-friendly, and the Fun Park is the epicenter of the feel-good vibes, with young and old getting together to enjoy an array of games and activities in a happy environment.


The Earth Garden festival will take place on 3-5 June 2022 at the Ta’ Qali Picnic Area.  The 15-year anniversary will offer free admission as a thank you and as a celebration of the road to freedom to festival-goers. Existing ticket holders can either upgrade to a camping ticket or postpone to next year.



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