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Dub FX

Few artists embody the term “one-man show” better than Benjamin Stanford, aka Dub FX.

For those not familiar with his work, Dub FX is a street performer, recording artist and producer famous for creating intricate and impressive tracks entirely on his own. Using various vocal methods and recording them into devices used for looping and effecting sound, Dub FX can manipulate his voice in incredible ways, creating a layered soundscape in front of the audience.

Over the last thirteen years, Dub FX has released six records, sold over 250,000 albums, headlined major festivals, racked up over 300 million collective YouTube views, and built an imposing social media presence all without ever being played on commercial radio or TV. “I went from living in a van and driving to every show while street performing along the way to getting flown business class to some of the biggest festivals in the world”.