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Cushion, the fusion band that harmonizes eastern vibes with cosmopolitan tones, all while calling Malta its home.

Their music offers a captivating instrumental fusion experience, merging the laid-back vibes of both Western and Eastern chill-out genres, with a strong inclination towards the sound of India.

At the core of their sound is the evocative sitar, lending its distinctive licks to the compositions. The atmospheric tones from keyboards create a soothing backdrop, while the rhythmic foundation is built upon intriguing bass and drum patterns.

This dynamic fusion of elements creates an unforgettable experience that engages all your senses and leaves you with lasting memories.

Cushion has performed live in many local as well as foreign music festivals as well as many other venues around the Islands.

The band share their album “Awakening” , and their latest EP “Reborn” on most digital music platforms.