Camping Policy

Earth Garden Camping Policy


  1. This ticket will allow access to 1 person to the camp site & Open Village for 3 days from 2.00pm of Friday 3rd June until 9am Monday 6th of June 2016.
  1. Camping tickets are not transferable; you cannot share it with another person.
  1. The size of your tent must reflect the number of tickets purchased – please do not bring 4 men tent if you only have one ticket !
  1. Camping tickets are exchanged for wristbands which are non transferable and must be worn at all times while you stay at the campgrounds between Friday 3rd of June until 9am Monday 6th of June 2016.
  1. Open fires are not permitted. We have Fire Marshalls on site that will be checking your setup to ensure safety.
  1. Gas cookers are not allowed. This is a dry area that is a hazard to all kinds of fire; Never light a gas cooker inside your tent!
  1. In your camp area there will be a designated Camping Marshall who will be available for any questions you have, or to help you with other needs.
  1. There will be shower and toilet facilities for all campers.
  1. The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for any loss, theft, injury or damages sustained entering, or on the site.
  1. Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced.


Camping Environmental Policy

There are solid ‘waste’ (resources) and water management policies for campers at Earth Garden that enable us to get camping permits for this beautiful area, help us to take care of it.

There is an extensive resources management policy to ensure that the site remains clean throughout the festival and that we leave the site better than when we arrived. Being a camping ticket holder you become a “Getting Greener” ambassador in the camping area and throughout the site! Here’s the ticket agreements:

  1. Earth Garden is operating a “Leave No Trace” philosophy. You are responsible for cleaning your camp site after the festival and for ensuring any resources are disposed of in the correct bin!
  2. Packaging should be reduced at source. Don’t buy or bring products that have packaging, or discard all packaging BEFORE arriving on site. Reduce your impact!
  3. You are encouraged to “bring your own container” for food and drinks. The vendors will serve you into your own drinking bottle/cooler/bowl/plate! You are responsible for the cleaning of these items throughout the festival!
  4. On the festival site, say YES! and get a ‘onecup’ to support our campaign!
  5. Recycling, metals and composting bins will be present throughout the festival. Use them. It will help us to divert as much waste as possible from landfill, resources are precious and Malta is a small island! Any questions on what bin to use please ask our sustainability crew, they are there to help! See a bin overspilling? Call us!
  1. No plastic disposables please! Bring your bottle/bowls/plates/pans/cutlery from home and take them back with you when you leave.
  1. All food vendors are using compostable disposables. All food waste and paper disposables must be added to the compost bins. This compost will be used post festival to reclaim landfills and turn them into family parks!
  2. Metal cans are permitted. Glass bottles are not permitted to be brought on site.
  3. Please don’t throw cigarette butts on the ground, there are butt bins throughout the site, keep them in portable pocket ashtrays and add them to the landfill bins.
  4. Bring your water in large 5 or 10 ltr containers or contact H2Only to provide you with 19ltr containers. Less bottles. Less resources. More hydration!
  5. Please be conscious of your wastewater, use biodegradable products and do not pour any contaminated water directly onto the land! Malta has a limited water source.
  6. Please bring grey and black garbage bags with you, if you run out please let our sustainability crew know and they will provide!
  7. Pick up any resources you see not in bins and if you see people dropping anything, remind them we are all in this together.
  8. Clean ups will be happening during the festival, this is a time to build our community energy and to take care of not just ourselves but our planet. Join in as we work together to get Earth Garden “cleaned up!”
  9. Educate yourself and inspire others! Encourage others to use the bins and join the clean ups, educate yourself at the sustainability info point, post photos of your good deeds on our “Earth Garden is Getting Greener” Facebook page, and tell all that you say YES! Our sustainability team is there to support you!