More Music, more Fun, more Days… Camp for 4 Days !More days! This year, Earth Garden Festival opens its doors at Ta’ Qali National Park, on Thursday 1st June and will run until Sunday 4th June.

This means that we are giving campers an extra day, but this is not just about it! We added a new camping site, so there are two camping sites to choose from. The original camping site, now named as the Festive Grove Campsite, is found in the heart of the Festival area next to Enchanted Forest and the Ethnic Market. Introducing a new and second camping site, the Green Meadows Campsite; this will be situated within the perimeter of the festival grounds. This new extended area will be close to the new location of the Electronic Sphere. The first batch of camping tickets priced at €35 are out on Monday 6th March from Hurry, before they are sold out! Once these are sold out a second batch will be issued, priced at €40 for 4 days. Keeping up our promise to give you a bigger and louder Festival, this year we a presenting a new area, the Strawberry Hill, which will take the area where the Electronic Sphere was in the latest couple of editions.


Environment Camping Policy

“Leave No Trace” Clean your campsite and use the right bins

Minimise your packaging, no disposables please!

Recycle your resources, plastics, metal and compost!

Say YES to the ‘onecup’ for your drinks!

No butts, use the bins! Pocket butt bins available

“Bring Your Own Container” for food vendors for ultimate greening

All vendors have compostable containers – everything into the compost! Simple!

Bring large water containers, less resources, more hydration

Metal yes, glass no!

Use biodegradable cleaning products

Bring recycling and black bags. We can also provide!

Pick up anything not in a bin, remind litterers we are in this together.

Join the community in clean ups to make Earth Garden Greener

Educate yourself and inspire others, show everyone you are IN!


General Camping Condition

This ticket will allow access to 1 person to the camp site & the rest of the festival for 4 days from 3.00pm of Thursday 1st June until 9am Monday 5th of June 2017.

Camping tickets are not transferable.

The size of your tent must reflect the number of tickets purchased.

Camping tickets are exchanged for non transferable wristbands which must be worn at all times.

Open fires are not permitted – noo gas cookers, not not even candles !

In your camp area there will be a designated Camping Marshall who will be available for any questions you have, or to help you with other needs.

The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for any loss, theft, injury or damages sustained entering, or on the site.