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Boiler, is no stranger to the party scene in Malta. A dynamic DJ with a two-year journey in the electronic scene.

Starting off as a resident for District Malta and now establishing himself amongst other local parties like Arcade, The Usual Suspects and 999 By Edd. He focuses on creating sets that are a seamless blend of pulsating rhythms, booming basslines and synths that weave intricate melodies. Each track carefully selected to create an atmosphere where time seems to stand still on the dance floor. Whether it’s the soulful melodies or the driving beats Boiler captivates audiences and shaking hips wherever he performs.

 Eager to explore new horizons, he’s on the cusp of diving into production, aiming to translate his passion into mesmerizing tracks that resonate far beyond the club walls.

 With his distinctive style and infectious energy, what else can Boiler get up to?