Yaaba Funk DJ set – U.K & Africa

Yaaba Funk DJ set – U.K & Africa

Yaaba Funk DJ set – U.K & Africa

Enchanted Forest / SAT: 19.30-20.10

Apart from performing on Roots Stage in full band on Saturday night, Paul Brett & Richmond Kessie will be playing a DJ set (+ vocals & percussions) at Mundo Muzika, earlier on the same night….

Yaaba Funk: Imagine Fela Kuti’s legendary Shrine club relocated to South London.

Yaaba Funk… Vivid touches of contemporary London added to the 70s heyday of Ghanaian Hi-Life. P-Funk style synth bass, psychedelic desert blues and deep percussion. Family Stone inflected horns and up front the vibrant high energy duo of Chief Commander Richmond Kessie and Helen ‘Lady Yaaba’ McDonald.

Yaaba Funk! Technicolour blasts of sound and vision. A sixteen legged groove machine that leaves not a stationary soul in sight.

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Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon