Roots Stage / THU: 21.45-23.00

After delivering a crazy yet amazing performance at Earth Garden 2017, we have invited Xtruppaw again on popular demand!

Xtruppaw is a Maltese band composed of five members, who play a concoction of musical styles varying from punk-rock, ska, 80’s metal, 70s Disco, Maltese Ghana, to country and western! The truly distinguishing features of the band’s music are the lyrics. Xtruppaw songs are all, without exception, sung in Maltese about Maltese lifestyle, zooming in to the raw and crude perspective of the mundane, pointing out the absurdities that we all take for granted with a tongue-in-cheek and often irreverent approach.

The band debuted, initially as a one-shot deal, during the Festahwid 6 festival in June 2005 with few original tracks they wrote for the occasion and some cover songs. To their surprise the audience went ballistic, giving them the impetus to take the band forward. They quickly established a solid fan base during their live performances as they become known for their energy and fun first approach.

Xtruppaw has recorded and launched two full length albums “Is-CD ta’ l-iXtruppaw” in June 2006, and ‘Xtruppożitorju’ in July 2013, both available through their website http://xtruppaw.com/. You can also keep in touch with the band through their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Xtruppaw

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon