The Ranch

After a long period of hibernation, the original uncouth, uncivilised, unsophisticated troupe is hitting the Earth Garden stage for all its worth!

Since their inception in 2014, The Ranch have become synonymous with shocking improvisational odysseys ranging from the magical to the absolutely insane – having played several European tours and festivals on the same bill as the likes of Guthrie Govan, Plini & Delta Sleep.

Fast-forward several reincarnations and 3 albums later, the 3 primordial penguins who brought you the band’s first album ‘Cuckoo Island’ are coming back for a one-time exclusive (yeah right…) with a violent barrage of rhythmic atrocities and chaotic melodies from the underworld.

So sit tight and get ready for an extra-large helping of good old Ranch pie, served as per usual: uncut, unprocessed and unmitigated.

Roots Stage

Sunday 5 June 2022

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon