Terra Livre – Portugal

Terra Livre – Portugal

Terra Livre – Portugal

ROOTS STAGE / SAT: 17.55-18.45

Terra Livre is a collective of Artists co-creating music for planetary healing, weaving a new way of living. Their music expresses the will to be one with the Earth. Inspired by the natural cycles of the planet, their show is a moment of harmony, sharing the love for all the cultures of the world.

One of the band’s masterminds & multi-intrumentalist, Goncalo Sarmento, is also part of Terrakota who gave an emotional mind blowing performance at Earth Garden 2017. The 2 bands are considered as brother bands and often collaborate on each other’s albums and gigs!

Terra Livre is also the name of a land in the magical mountain of Sintra, (Lisbon, Portugal) where people came together to live in and as a community. Over the years it became a hands-on laboratory of sustainable agriculture, eco-building, creating and singing around sacred fires.

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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