Noel Scerri & Anthony Curmi both state that they are musically inseparable.

With this solid bond as a backbone to any of their interesting projects, and after having formed the critically much well acclaimed Indian Fusion band Cushion, Noel and Anthony wanted to return to their roots.

Swara is a modern approach, a new perspective, to the ancient enchanting sounds of Indian music. Using only Sitar and Keys, which actually are two opposites when comparing the ultra modern technology that Noel is using in this project, opposed to the ancient bare and enchanting sound of the sacred Indian Sitar that Anthony lays over the carpet of sublime ambience, creates a truly magical and unique sound.

With their increasing appearances, a few recordings also in mind, and a growing fan base, Swara seems to be more than just a duo, but surely a special one.





Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon