Steve Bicknell – U.K

Steve Bicknell has been at the forefront of the UK’s ever-growing electronic music scene since its infancy. His career, spanning over 25+ years, has seen Steve grow from his early beginnings as a young promoter and resident DJ to one of the UK’s most established, accomplished and respected techno artists credited by many as a true pioneer.

After earning his stripes with residencies at some of the UK’s most influential events such as Energy (Orbital raves), ID Magazine’s 1990 World Tour, The Wag Club, Solaris, The Brain, and The Zap Steve would go onto launch his own night LOST alongside Sheree Rashit. Since its induction to the present day LOST has stood as one
of the UK’s most innovative and scene-defining events marking the debut performances from some of dance music’s most uncompromising and inventive creators. Aside from his huge success as a promoter Steve also produced under the name LOST between the years 1990-1992. He would then launch his own label Cosmic Records, also co-run with Rashit, and a new musical direction was found. From the first label three more imprints
followed; LOST Recordings that focused solely on the sounds of LOST’s dancefloor, Clubtracks, specialising in more Chicago housesounding productions, and ID(entity) created to release hidden aliases’ of well-established artists affiliated with the Cosmic label and LOST nights.

When it comes to Steve Bicknell’s productions it’s no doubt he embodies the true essence of straight to the point, no-nonsense techno characteristics he fluidly translates into his DJ sets. Reflecting on Steve’s earliest work it is clear after stepping back from producing in the mid 2000’s he was still able to maintain the same relentless energy and curiosity yet honing and evolving it into something fresh and current upon his return in 2013. Equipped with
neoteric ideas, in 2016 Steve launched his latest imprint 6dimensions. The label has played host to both his own and other influential artists productions. He describes the imprint as being “an exploration into balance and imbalance of the human mind’s natural make-up of love, fear, joy, hatred, boredom and sexuality”.

Furthermore, in 2017 the techno supergroup LSD was formed alongside friends Luke Slater and David Sumner. Their debut release, “Process”, landed on Ostgut Ton which they described in their own words as ‘lysergic machine music’. Since then the trio has performed regularly with notable shows at the likes of ADE, Berghain and Dekmantel Festival to name a few. 2019 sees the trio returning with new releases and even more shows.

Electronic Sphere

Friday 3 June 2022

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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