Pupachile (Chile)

Pupachile (Chile)

Pupachile (Chile)

Enchanted Forest / FRI: 18.00-00.30

FRIDAY: 18.00-18.45 / 19.30-20.15 / 21.30-22.30 / 23.30-00.30.

Pupachile (Pon Di Corner & ManaTapu) was born in France to Chilean parents.

He got attracted to Hip-Hop and Reggae music during his childhood and his main inspiration first came from his parents who both used to sing, play guitars and organize Chilean events in their hometown.

In 2010, he arrived in Malta curious to discover new horizons and soon joined the band ManaTapu. In 2014, he met the future MC’s of Pon Di Corner and together they decided to create an International Reggae & Hip-Hop collective to express themselves through their music.


Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon