Nik X Conti

Nik’s musical preferences always tend to revolve around trance inducing various genres so the mesmerizing sounds of the didgeridoo always attracted him.

Back in 2008 Nik decided to leave his job in Dublin to travel across Australia and New Zealand. After watching aboriginal buskers perform at the Sydney Quays he was so fascinated that shortly after he bought his first didgeridoo. As he traveled through different places he would pick up tips from the locals and improve his playing techniques. For 2 years the didgeridoo was his inseparable travel companion and after returning to Malta he spent his summers at Riviera beach where used to jam with members of Tribali.

This was the start of a new musical journey for Nik.

Today Nik is the official didgeridoo player of the well renowned band, Tribali.

At this edition of Mundo Muzika at Earth Garden, Nik will be playing a mesmerizing uptempo set in collaboration with Mundo Muzika.


SAT: 18.30-19.00

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

More info soon