Antojn Karuna

In 1991 at the age of fifteen, Antoine (Antojn Karuna) bought his first Drum Kit and immediately joined a band whom 
hardly any of them knew how to play, but they started practicing songs while learning the instrument at the same time, pretty funny as a start, but this gave Antoine the opportunity to perform with various local cover rock bands all true the early 90’s.

After some time Antoine needed a change but he hardly knew what kind. This happened after a short visit to Amsterdam in the summer of 1995, when for the first time he listened to musicians playing in Dam Square improvising with various percussions, didgeridoos and other instruments. This inspired Antoine to buy his first Djembe (an African Drum).

The Djembe changed his life totally, because unlike the drums, it was easier to carry it with him wherever he went. He started to improvise with some other friends on the beach while also performing with various Dj’s in clubs.

In 2002, He started to organize boat parties with a group of friends, mainly with live musicians jamming to Dance music, and also on a later stage he started to do his own world music DJ sets which he performed at different events. In the process he observed some of the musicians of whom he used to Improvise with, and by the year 2003 he formed a band by the name of Tribali.

SUN. 31-10-21


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