MATO (Mathieu Fabre) is a house and techno DJ hailing from the ancient islands of Malta. At the early age of 9, he discovered his love of rhythm when he found himself frequenting the house of a family friend, a place where local DJs gathered to share music and mix records.

This exposure planted the seed that has since blossomed into his ever-growing obsession with all things music. In 2007, Matt began his career mixing in small bars and clubs in Panama. In 2010, he worked with friends to launch the record label K101 Music and has since released work from artists like Gari Romalis, Jay Tripwire, Loquace, and more. In 2011, he moved to Berlin to further his knowledge of music, expand his record collection, and collaborate with other artists. For the past 7 years, he’s kept one foot in Berlin’s club culture and the other deep in Malta’s energetic nightlife culture. For over a decade, he has remained an instrumental force in Malta’s music scene, curating lineups for Dance Music Events and playing alongside artists such as Ryan Elliot, Margaret Dygas, Julian Perez, and Leo Pol (to name a few).

He is currently the resident DJ at Mute, a new intimate open-air club in Malta that he opened with a friend in 2018. MATO is passionate about finding unique, interesting records that will make people move. He specialises in delivering sets full of grooved-up, dance-driven tracks with distinct personality. He enjoys traversing genres and playing his own unreleased productions. In March 2019, he will release his first vinyl on the Chicago-born label Euphoria Records.



Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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