Kumbia Boruka – Mexico

Kumbia Boruka – Mexico

Kumbia Boruka – Mexico

ROOTS STAGE / SUN: 21.05-22.00

It’s Fiesta Time!! The roots of Kumbia Boruka are found in Monterrey, the Cumbia capital of Mexico and the place where Hernan Cortés, the accordion player and band leader grew up in the eighties.

Hernan didn’t just learn to play the accordion from the living legend of Mexican Cumbia, Celso Piña, but he was also the percussionist in the band of Celso Piña during long international tours.

Together with Bob Sikou, Cortés started Kumbia Boruka. Besides their own contemporary and festive compositions, the band knows how to bring new flavours to classic Cumbia from the sixties, mixing it with influences from reggae, dub, African music, rock, psychedelic electric guitar melodies, an extensive rhythm section and powerful and exciting brass arrangements. The Peruvian Cumbia, called Chicha, is not forgotten either. The result is a hybrid Cumbia, Nueva Cumbia, with fierce Latin energy that will blow your mind!

In April 2017, the debut album “La vida se vive” was released during their long tour which brought them to stages and festivals like a.o. Fusion Festival (Germany) and Festival de Jazz de Montreux (Switzerland) amongst others.

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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