Horse Meat Disco – U.K

Initially established in 2004 at The Eagle, an innocuous gay bar in London’s Vauxhall, Horse Meat Disco has evolved into a powerful force in queer and club culture as a whole, while staying local to its original home, each and every Sunday.

Co-founded by James Hillard and Jim Stanton, and encompassing residents Severino and Luke Howards, the crew continue to maintain not only the weekly Sunday party, but a number of residencies in cities across the world, alongside a kaleidoscope of club appearances, festival dates and specially curated mixes.

The sound of Horse Meat Disco is impossible to place. Their style is undeniable, as is a popper-scented air of sheer authenticity. Rooted in hedonism, rhythm, freedom and emotion, a Horse Meat Disco set reinforces everything invigorating about Disco, as comfortable as shattering old-school mirror ball cliches as basking in their light.A typical HMD set blends classics, Italo Disco, House, oddities and Punk Funk, to conjure their initial spirit of “a queer party for everyone”. They have made appearances on every notable club scene in the modern world, as well as those beyond, and have long been a key fixture at festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival and Festival No.6.

Outside of the club, HMD train rolls across the airwaves on Rinse FM, where they hold down a weekly residency every Sunday afternoon, serving as a pre and post-club Sunday lunch accompaniment, delving into the more soulful shades of their sublime taste, encompassing rave groove and gospel. A series of expertly curated and acclaimed compilations for reissue label Strut helped further cement HMD’s formidable but communal reputation as Disco masterminds. Their latest, ‘Meat Me Down the Disco’, was released on Z Records in 2017.

After decades of crate digging, globetrotting and partying, the HMD story continues apace. 2017 also saw the crew record their long-awaited contribution to BBC Radio 1’s ‘Essential Mix’, as well as their first joint foray into production, ‘Waiting For You To Call’, featuring Roy Inc., and released on their own, self-titled imprint.

Strawberry Hill

Sunday 5 June 2022

Available 1st March

Available 15th April

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